Course Developer: Pooja Gramopadhye

The SciPy (pronounced as “Sigh Pi” is a Python-based Open Source library released under BSD license for scientific computing. It implements many Linear Algebra Operations, Optimization algorithms, Numerical Integration, Fast Fourier Transforms (FFT), Signal Processing, and even Image manipulation, and several other functions. In this short tutorial, I will get you quickly started on SciPy with illustrative examples on the several subpackages of SciPy. More specifically, I will be covering the following subpackages:

  • The scipy.constants package (Constants)
  • The scipy.special package(Special Functions)
  • The scipy.linalg package (Linear Algebra Operations)
  • The scipy.interpolate package (Interpolation)
  • The scipy.optimize package (Optimization and fit)
  • The scipy.stats package (Statistics and random numbers)
  • The scipy.integrate package (Numerical Integration)
  • The scipy.fftpack package (Fast Fourier Transforms)
  • The scipy.signal package (Signal Processing)
  • The scipy.ndimage package (Image manipulation)
  • The package ( Input/Output)

So, let us begin with SciPy installation on your machine.

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